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Client Software

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Bullet-Proof Backup
  • Continuous or scheduled
  • Offsite and onsite destinations
  • Incremental versioning
  • Unlimited versioning
  • File compression and data de-duplication
  • Background validation and verification
  • Multiple file stream / fork support
Guaranteed Restore
  • Any date, time or version
  • Direct, LAN or Internet
  • Admin or end user initiated
  • File search
  • Cross-platform
Maintenance Free
  • Automatic upgrades pushed by PRO Server administrator
  • 100% remote administration and updates
Universal Networking
  • Works everywhere: dynamic IP locator, TCP NAT traversal, QoS
  • Bandwidth governing
  • Email alerts and reports
High Security
  • Complete data control
  • Encrypted before transport
  • 448-bit data encryption, 128-bit communication encryption
  • Remote laptop tracking
Extreme Performance
  • Byte differential transmits and stores only new data
  • Unlimited file size, versions and archives
  • Client server / binary protocol
  • High-efficiency non-blocking I/O
  • Governed I/O, bandwidth limits and idle job scheduling
  • 64-bit native, multi-core and multi-threaded

System Requirements

Windows Client Software
Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003, 2000 / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display

Mac OS X Client Software
OS X 10.5+ / 1GB Memory / G4, G5, or Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display