DFW DataVault Pricing

Fees for DFW DataVault service are based on the number of computers that will be Sources of backup data.
There are no fees for running the software on computers that are used only as backup Destinations.

Home/Small Office Pricing


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Business Server Pricing

Storage Amount DFW DataVault MozyPro 1 CarbonitePro 2,3
100GB $50.00/mo $56.95/mo $75.00/mo
200GB $100.00/mo $103.95/mo $150.00/mo
500GB $250.00/mo $256.95/mo >$300.00/mo
1000GB $400.00/mo $506.95/mo ---
1 - Local backup feature for Windows only
2 - No onsite local backup feature at all
3 - Windows Only

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