The Truth About Unlimited Service

Unlimited Backup!

It's an enticing proposition, but is it for real?

When it comes to Online Backup Services, you are going to see a lot of "Unlimited Backup for $1 a year" type advertisements.

The truth is, no provider actually means Unlimited. There are always limits.

Example, one backup company who touts "Unlimited Backup Capacity" with a $54.95/year price point, has a clause in their Terms of Service paraphrased as such:

Your consumption... may be deemed excessive if within a service period, your usage greatly exceeds the average level of usage of all customers in general.
And, should your usage be deemed excessive, then you are going to get an alternative pricing plan.

Meaning, you use too much, then you'll end up paying more than that REALLY LOW PRICE.

Another provider with a $4.95 a month price point that claims: "Unlimited Space" and "No matter how many files you back up... you pay the same low price...." has an "Excessive Use Policy" in their Terms with the same type of language. Use too much and here comes that alternative pricing plan.

And they may or may not notify they are suspended or terminating your account for that excessive usage.

Sounds a lot like those overage charges from the mobile phone companies doesn't it?

Unlimited means Unlimited.... until it doesn't.

Not so with DFW DataVault, we are upfront and clear about our usage policies.

For every Backup Seat you add to your account, another 25GB is added to your storage allocation.
And with compression, that 25GB of storage usually equates to 50GB of actual data.

And those allocations are cumulative across all your systems you have in your account.
Have 10GB on one machine and 35GB on another? No problem, your combined total is still under the 50GB you have purchased.