Your First Backups

In addition to backing up to DFW DataVault, you can also backup to other destinations (to another computer you own. You can also be a destination for others within your account so that they can back up to you.

Back Up to a Computer You Own

You have two or more computers and both have important files. With DFW DataVault, you can back up one computer to another. By backing up to another computer you own (and that is nearby and connected via a network), your initial backup and restore time is much shorter than it would be backing up to a computer via the Internet.

Be a Destination

Your high school graduate is taking a laptop to take to college in the fall. Why not install DFW DataVault on the computer and use the family desktop computer in the den as a backup destination? Considering you've got easy access to this computer at the moment, it makes sense to do this first backup right away. If you wait until your graduate takes the laptop to school, the initial backup will take a lot longer over the Internet. If time is of the essence (and when isn't?) backing up to an external hard drive and copying the archive to the desktop is the fastest way to go. If you don't have a spare hard drive handy, you can back up the laptop to the desktop over your network; this might take a little longer but you won't need find a hard drive or memory stick to do it.

You can be a destination for multiple computers or friends.

Backup to an Attached Drive or Local Folder

You want to back up to an attached drive for a really fast way to get a lot of data ready to go offsite onto a remote PC.