Backing Up Encrypted Disks


DFW DataVault supports encrypted volumes/filesystems that are run at a system level. In other words, they are not being configured and run in a user space.

You may run into issues when user-level encrypted file systems if credentials that aren't readily available to DFW DataVault.


DFW DataVault has full FileVault support. Just make sure you install as the user who owns the FileVault account. Backup will occur only when you're logged into the computer, as that is the only time DFW DataVault will be able to see individual files. We support a single FileVault per computer.

Truecrypt (Unsupported)

There is an option in Truecrypt enabled by default called preserve timestamps of file containers. When enabled, Truecrypt retains the file timestamp from initial file creation. Essentially, it looks like the file has never changed and DFW DataVault won't back up the changes. If you disable this option, the file timestamp changes when files are modified, which allows DFW DataVault to back up the changes.

Windows EFS

DFW DataVault supports backing up files encrypted with Windows EFS. To do so, you must install DFW DataVault as your user instead of the default installation as the SYSTEM user. Full instructions are available here.